Wyoming Teachers are Soon to be armed in Class

In response to dozens of school shootings and terrorist attacks around the world, the Wyoming house of representatives has passed a bill that will allow teachers to carry concealed weapons in the classrooms. Teachers must obtain their concealed carry permits in order to avail themselves of the new law, which some believe doesn’t provide adequate training to protect themselves and students.

Republican representative John Eklund introduced the bill. He believes that that guns in the hands of school administrators may act to prevent some of the attacks on school property. He notes that security is lacking and even absent in some schools. Eklund asserts that allowing teachers to bring guns onto the campus may cause a person to think twice before invading a school.

The bill was passed in a 54-6 vote; Rep. Kermit Brown was one of the few nay votes. He says that teachers should be required to take peace officer training classes before being charged with protecting a classroom of kids. Peace officer training classes will give the teachers more training in knowing how to handle an adverse situation.

Regardless of the bill, The University of Wyoming still bans guns on its campus or extracurricular events. Only law enforcement officers that have received proper firearm training are allowed to carry guns.

Many states and even the United States Congress have been forced to reexamine gun laws. There have been many tragic school shootings in recent history and every government body is weighing the people’s constitutional right to bear arms against the devastation of gun crimes.