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An outstanding warrant is a legal directive for arrest which has yet to be put to use. Typically, the police will handle the more sensitive cases first in which there is the risk of the accused absconding. As far as the other warrants are concerned, particularly those in which the offense can be deemed trivial, these are kept back in the system so that they can be executed at a later date.

Does an active warrant from Wyoming ever lapse?

This is a legitimate question posed by most people who believe they have an arrest warrant out in their name. In one single statement the answer to that doubt is “no”, you cannot breathe a sigh of relief over the fact that the warrant against you has been recalled by mere virtue of the time that has elapsed since the crime was committed.

Also, the triviality of the offense in question has nothing to do with the validity of an active warrant. This means that even if the court issued an arrest warrant against you because you neglected to pay a few traffic tickets, the detention order will stay in the system till you do not settle the matter. The difference lies in the urgency with which active warrants linked with serious criminal infractions are treated in comparison with orders that are connected to petty offenses.

The special provisions related to arrest warrants that make them an infallible legal instrument!

Arrest warrants are not impacted in any way by errors found in the order unless the defense can prove that these have infringed upon the legal rights of the accused. The only time that the magistrate will recall a detention directive is if the probable cause which formed the basis of the directive does not hold valid anymore. This can only happen when another person is found to be responsible for the crime in question.

However, it should be clearly understood here that to begin with warrants are issued when the judiciary is convinced of the fact that the evidence points to the complicity of the accused. This means that not only the police but also the magistrate have to bear the assumption that the suspect did indeed commit the crime based on the evidence that has been collected. So, the chances of the responsibility for the crime shifting onto another person are very rare.

Given the involvement of the judicial and law enforcement networks of the state in the release of arrest warrants, it is understandable why these decrees have indefinite validity. An arrest warrant not only transcends the bounds of time but also geography. A directive of this nature can be served in any place, including the home of the suspect, any other property owned by him, premises owned by others and even in public areas.

Options available for a warrant search in WY

Of course, it is possible to launch an inquiry into the issue of active warrants and local arrest records through the police or any branch of the judicial mechanism of WY. However, a far simpler approach is to simply look up the arrest warrants lists from various police departments. At this time, this information is being offered online by the following agencies

  • Goshen County Police: http://goshensheriff.org/
  • Teton County Police: http://www.tetonsheriff.org/?page_id=857
  • Cheyenne City Police: http://www.cheyennepd.org/
  • Casper City Police: http://www.casperwy.gov/PublicSafety/Police/ArrestWarrants/tabid/522/Default.aspx
  • Park County Police: http://pcso.crimegraphics.com/2013/default.aspx