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Arrest warrant searches from Fremont County, WY don’t always have to be conducted through the police , the judiciary or any branch of the state government. You can also take these inquiries to private parties that offer details on criminal history for a charge. In fact, this may prove to be the most viable approach for those who have active warrants in their name.

Such individuals risk arrests if they have to walk in to a police station or any other justice agency to that matter for any odd purpose. It should also be noted here that at this point there is no way to conduct an inquiry on Fremont County outstanding warrants and arrest records without divulging information about yourself to the concerned state agency.

On the other hand, third party entities that offer searches for arrests and active warrants work online. This means that they don’t even see you let alone access information about you. Also, doing so would be futile for them because they are in no way associated with the state machinery.

Another aspect of such investigations is the fact that you will get results on Fremont County arrest warrants as well as those issued in any other part of the country. As opposedto this, the local justice departments including the judiciary will only deal with records from within the WY. To connect with a private agency, use the application above. If you consider going through a government entity, your choices will be:

  • The sheriff: 460 Railroad, Lander, Wyoming 82520
  • The magistrate: 450 N 2nd St, Lander, WY 82520
  • The clerk of court: 450 North 2nd Street, Room 220, Lander, Wyoming 82520-0090

How do you obtain details pertaining to Fremont County warrants and arrests? (Revised in 2021)      

  • Contact the Circuit Court at 307-455-2920/307-332-3239/307-856-7259 for a warrant search.
  • Connect with the Fremont County Jail at 307-332-1858 to learn about recent arrests.
  • Get in touch with the Sheriff’s Office at 307-332-5611 to get an arrest report and other police records.
  • Connect with the Victim’s Advocate at 307-332-1162/307-857-3653 to reach Victim/Witness Services.
  • Call the Clerk of Circuit Court at 307-332-1134 to get criminal conviction and judicial records.

Crime statistics of Fremont County

Between 2018 and 2019, Fremont County’s crime rate decreased by about 29%, from an annual average of 278 incidents to 196. In 2019, 183 complaints were submitted for property offenses, while the rest were for violent crimes.

More than 144 reports were filed for larceny-thefts, and over 22 complaints were filed for burglary. Around 9 allegations of aggravated assault were among the 13 complaints lodged against violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

In Fremont County, Wyoming, about 900 criminal incidents transpire annually and approximately 12% of these are violent acts such as rape and homicide, etc. Over the last couple of years, there has been an increase of almost 65% in this crime category while reported criminal activity rose by about 50%.