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Like in other parts of WY, it would be utterly cumbersome to seek an arrest warrant search in Hot Springs County through the police or judicial agencies such as the office of the magistrate and the county clerk. Although these departments play direct roles in the issue of active warrants and in keeping arrest records for the area, they only offer crime history data when the applicant shows up in person at their office.

An alternative offered to the tedious drive is the ability to contact the agency through mail. Although this may seem like a simpler option, the convenience is marred by the fact that it can take several days to receive a response to any query on active warrants through such means. At least at this point, none of these state departments offer the facility of looking for arrest records and information on Hot Springs County outstanding warrants online.

However,where state agencies fail to keep up, private establishment deliver results through electronic means.Look at the form above this article. It offers access to a privately maintained crime history database that contains information on arrests and active warrants from Hot Springs County, the other geographical divisions of WY and all other states in the country. The firm offers membership facilities which can be used to locate arrest warrants, for a set fee.

  • The Police: 417 Arapahoe, Thermopolis, Wyoming 82443
  • The court: 417 Arapahoe St, Thermopolis, WY 82443
  • The clerk of court: 415 Arapahoe, Thermopolis, Wyoming 82443-2783

How do you connect with law enforcement agencies over the phone for a Hot Springs County warrants search and arrests-data? (Checked in 2021)         

  • 307-864-3951- Call for information about recent arrests.
  • 307-864-2622- Call for arrest records and incident/accident reports.
  • 307-864-2004- Call for victim’s assistance
  • 307-864-5161- Call for details on warrants
  • 307-864-3323- Call for initiating a search for judicial records

Crime statistics of Hot Springs County

Hot Springs County’s yearly crime rate decreased by 47% to 10 incidents in 2019. Of the cases reported, 2 were violent crimes; they involved violent assault. Larceny-theft was the subject of 7 of the property crime complaints, while burglary was the subject of 1 of them.

Older crime statistics

Of the 120 criminal incidents that transpire in Hot Springs County, Wyoming on an annual basis only about 12 are acts of violent crime while the remaining incidents can be linked to property crimes such as theft and robbery. Although the rise in overall criminal activity has been miniscule at just 2%, the annual average for violent crime grew by almost 50% in recent years.