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People who dismiss Natrona County, WY arrest warrant searches as just another formality that ought to be kept in the domain of commercial entities certainly know nothing about such inquiries nor the wave of crime that is overtaking almost every part of the country. Remember, that these investigations can get you pertinent information on the criminal past of your subject.

In fact, the police will offer details on all arrests from Natrona County in the name of the subject along with information on the issue of active warrants to this individual’s name. If that is not enough, you could also browse through the list of their most wanted criminals when at the office of the sheriff.

For people who take their warrant search in Natrona County to the office of the magistrate, there awaits a lot of additional data such as information on bench warrants which are legal instruments put to use against absconders,criminal summons that are an order for appearance and subpoenas which also call for the presence of a person in court.

The office of the county clerk is always considered a passive worker in the justice processes of the state , given its task of keeping the court dockets database. However, this is the agency that can not only help you with details on Natrona County arrest records and outstanding warrants but also the civil litigations against the subject. To contact these government departments, visit:

  • The sheriff: 201 N David, Casper, Wyoming 82601
  • The magistrate: 200 N Center St, Casper, WY 82601
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 863, Casper, Wyoming 82602-0863

Who should you be calling for details about Natrona County warrants and recent arrests? (Updated in 2021)    

  • Details about arrests can be found by calling 307-235-9524.
  • Details about active warrants can be requested by calling 307-235-9266.
  • Judicial data such as case records and court dockets can be requested by calling 307-235-9243.
  • Incident report and arrest report can be requested by calling 307-235-9282.
  • Victim’s assistance can be requested by calling 307-235-9223. 

Crime statistics of Natrona County

In 2019, around 193 crimes were reported in Natrona County. Of these, nearly 145 were property crimes and around 48 were violent crimes.

Property crimes included nearly 79 larceny-theft cases and over 50 burglary complaints, among others. The violent crime total included approximately 36 instances of aggravated assault, 10 cases of rape and 2 of robbery.

Older crime statistics

The police of Natrona County, Wyoming handles no less than 3000 complaints every year of which about 5.5.% are against acts of violent crime. Annually, almost 170 criminal cases are lodged against murder, rape and the like and this figure is expected to go up given the growth of nearly 30% seen in the figures of violent and overall crime in recent years.