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Before launching an arrest warrant search in Teton County, WY you should understand how these directives are granted to the police. This will give you a better understanding of the gravity of every aspect of the background report that you are given. For instance, if you find outstanding warrants in the name of your subjects, arrests will undoubtedly occur at some point.

Regardless of how long ago a crime was committed, if an arrest warrant was issued in the matter, detentions are not just a possibility but a certainty. It is not a matter of whether it will happen but of when it will happen. So, you may want to think twice about associating with the person in question in a professional capacity or otherwise.

Although not a verdict on culpability, finding an active warrantmeans that the police did have enough proof against the accused to prove his complicity to a magistrate. This is something that is worth pondering over. Similarly, if you find Teton County arrest records in the name of this person, it simply means that he has served his dues to the society. However, this information should be scrutinized to ensure that you are not dealing with a hardened and habitual criminal.

To find information on Teton County arrests and active warrants, you can go to one of the state agencies listed ahead or you could fill the form above. This application can be used to access a privately maintained repository of crime history data.

  • The police: 180 South King Street, Jackson, Wyoming 83001
  • The county clerk: PO Box 1727, Jackson, Wyoming 83001-1727
  • The court of the magistrate:180 S King St, Jackson, WY 83001

The annual crime average of Teton County, Wyoming is about 500 incidents and nearly 5% of these are violent acts such as murder, sexual assault and others. In recent years, there has been a significant increase of almost 70% in the rates of violent crime.